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Whether your business needs a local radio spot, regional commercial script, or a script for a national radio promotion, we’re ready to write a creative and memorable radio script for your business.

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Radio is a powerful communication channel.

Prior to the introduction of television, radio commercials had families mesmerized on the ol’ radio box salivating for the next installment of their favorite “who-done-it” radio program.

Radio grabbed their attention, invigorated their imagination, fed their need for information and entertainment, and provided some of the most memorable radio jingles of all time.

Some things have changed, but memorable radio scripts remain a driving force in providing entertainment and communication to the masses.

If it wasn’t, radio stations would go broke, music artists would be isolated to street corners and subway stations to sale their talents, and Japan would have to rely solely on automobiles for exported goods.

Which brings us to why you are here in the first place — you’re interested in using radio commercials as part of your marketing program.


Professional script writers.

Your sales message is in the hands of professional writers. You can depend on our knowledge and experience to write effective radio scripts to help sell your product and increase brand awareness.

Sample radio commercials

Here’s a sample radio commercial campaign written for a regional hospital.

Step ladder


stop sign

Whether you need a :10 script, :15, :30, :60, or longer, we will write them so your customers will enjoy listening them.

I wouldn’t hesitate to ask Kristof for help with any project where I need creative assistance. The experience was one of total support and cooperation, I felt like he was doing whatever it took to make sure I was satisfied.– Norma Endersby, Marketing Director, VP, STARR Financial Bank

Along with radio script writing, we can also help provide;

  • Voice over Talent
  • Sound Effects
  • Music Beds
  • Radio Jingles

Let’s get started!

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