Annual Report Design

Experienced annual report designers are ready to create a professional report for you. From corporate reports, international scientific reports, and infographics, to data visualizations, interactive online reports, and complete print production.

March of Dimes Report Cover Design

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For some businesses, an annual report is the only piece of printed corporate design seen by shareholders and financial institutions.

As such, we’ll design your company report with professionalism and integrity. And through the use of strategic design implementation, your report will deliver your companies financial statements and messaging in a clear and concise manner.

The best results start early.

Since this type of project often involves strategic research and development, it’s important to bring in our team at the earliest stages of planning. This gives us the opportunity to plan the project steps, gather and/or create assets, and start the beginning stages of design development. Essentially, the sooner we get started, the easier and faster the process will be.

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christopher howson

"It was an honor to work with you. The report is stunning! Thank you on behalf of the March of Dimes, me personally, and the millions of babies who will be born healthier and live better lives because of your work."
Christopher P. Howson, PhD

Annual Report Creation

Graphic Concept Development / Layout and Design

  • Cover Design
  • Full Report Design

Report Writing

We will custom write your report content from scratch or rewrite copy from existing rough draft or copy points.

Custom Designed Charts and Graphs

  • Bar Graphs
  • Line Charts
  • Indicator Point Graphs
  • Structural Hierarchy Charts
  • Data Charts
  • Maps
  • Tabular Data

We also include complete, print-ready digital art and PDF for electronic distribution.

Let’s get started!