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Outdoor Billboard Sizes

The Ultimate Collection of Outdoor Advertising Billboard Sizes, Dimensions, and Print Measurements . This is an essential advertising production resource for Art Director’s , Graphic Designer’s, and Business Owners.

Ultimate Collection of Outdoor Billboard Sizes

Outdoor advertising can be a very effective advertising medium. But with so many different sizes and dimensions for billboards, posters and bulletins, it can also be one of the most confusing.

This eBook removes all the guesswork with clearly detailed sizes and dimensions for over 70 outdoor advertising formats so you can create correct production art.

Get this extremely useful print production resource that includes the most common outdoor poster sizes, billboard dimensions, Trim, Live Area and Mechanical specifications for over 70 outdoor billboards, posters, bulletins, and Digital displays. Here’s a sample list of the types of outdoor billboards included;

  • 4-Sheet Posters
  • 6-Sheet Posters
  • Junior Posters (8-Sheet Posters)
  • 12-Sheet Posters
  • 16-Sheet Posters
  • 30-Sheet Billboards (Bleed, Non-Bleed, & Wrapped)
  • 32-Sheet Billboards
  • 48-Sheet Billboards (Standard and Digital)
  • 96-Sheet Billboards
  • Outdoor Bulletins (Standard)
  • Outdoor Bulletins (Spectacular)
  • Outdoor Bulletins (Premier Panels)
  • Outdoor Bulletins (Premier Squares)
  • Outdoor Bulletins (Permanent)
  • And more!
Outdoor Billboard Sizes eBook

Free Bonus!

Ultimate collection of Outdoor Billboard Sizes also includes 3 FREE PDFs;

  • 7 Essential Outdoor Advertising Design Tips
  • Outdoor Bulletin Distance v. Scale Viewer
  • Outdoor Advertising Maximum Viewing Distances” chart.
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