Outdoor Billboard Sizes


This is the Ultimate Collection of outdoor billboard sizes, mechanical dimensions, and advertising specifications you'll ever find!

If you’re looking for information about outdoor billboard sizes, this extensive 12-page document includes detailed design specifications for over 70 outdoor billboards, posters, bulletins, and Digital billboard displays.

Each listed billboard displays size dimensions for Trim, Live Area, and Mechanical measurements. You’ll have billboard dimensions for the most common billboard sizes and much more! Also includes 3 additional Resources – FREE!

$15.99 $7.00

As a special bonus to help you create more effective outdoor advertising, this Outdoor Billboard Sizes PDF also includes (completely free) the three following PDFs; “7 Essential Outdoor Advertising Design Tips“, the incredibly useful “Outdoor Bulletin Distance v. Scale Viewer“, and the “Outdoor Advertising Maximum Viewing Distances” chart.

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