Bus Poster Sizes

If you're a designer, this 3-page document is going to save you a LOT of time. This print production reference chart includes specifications for; Trim size, Live Copy area, and (most importantly) Mechanical sizes for 27 of most popular bus posters!


PDF includes size specifications for the following types of advertising for bus poster sizes.

  • King Size Poster
  • Super King Size
  • Queen Size Bus
  • Super Queen Size
  • Trolly Queen Size
  • Headlight Display sizes
  • Taillight Display Sizes
  • High-Impact Tail
  • Bus Wraps
  • Bus Bench
  • Bus Shelter
  • Traveling Displays
  • Interior Display Cards
  • Side-Poster Cards

Bus Poster Ad Specs

As a special bonus, you’ll also receive (completely free), “7 Essential Outdoor Advertising Design Tips” PDF!