10 Essential Email Practices That Will Save You Time and Increase Productivity

If you’re going to be communicating sans voice, it’s imperative to be aware of what are acceptable, and not acceptable, email practices.

Practicing good email etiquette is nice, it’s friendly, and your friends, colleagues, and business associates won’t hate you for SENDING EMAILS THAT LOOK LIKE THIS!


Save Your Business Time And Increase Productivity.

Proper email etiquette can save you (and your recipients) a LOT of time! According to a report by Information Mapping, Inc., 65% of U.S. employees spend 1-3 hours reading email on an average workday. One to three hours! And another 12% spend more than three hours. That’s almost 1/2 of their day! I can’t even imagine what that equals in actual dollars paid by employers.

In this easy-to-read PDF, you’ll learn email best practices your business should use on a daily basis including;

  • Best practices for sending email attachments and large files
  • Proper use for setting email messages as ‘priority’
  • Types of email content that should never be sent
  • How to take full advantage of the email subject line for super fast communication
  • And more

This is information you need to be more productive while keeping communication via email better, faster, and more responsive.