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Consulting services for Advertising, Branding, Internet Marketing, Web Development, and Social Media Marketing.

Your business requires a dedicated and experienced professional to provide you with smart and actionable advice.

experienced marketing consultants

Grow your business faster – and smarter.

Whether you need increased brand exposure and recognition, increasing traffic to your online properties, making more sales, or all of the above — you can count on us to help you reach your goals.

Embedded Consulting

Traditional marketing consulting generally involves a “data dump” — where the business owner provides the consultant with mountains of information to digest. And more times than not, the information is incomplete so the consultant is continually required to request more information in order to fully understand the challenges the business is facing. Only then can they develop the best course of action to make improvements. This does work. But it’s inefficient and the recommendations made by the consultant can be based on insufficient information. Enter Embedded Consulting.

The people who know and understand your business, services, products, processes and challenges best are the employees who work at your company everyday — because they live and breathe it. 

As an Embedded Consultant, you retain us to come to work — at your business — everyday. We work with all your departments, speak with employees and vendors, shadow managers and research all previous and current marketing. It’s a deep dive into understanding the business culture from the top down and bottom, up.  From there we create a comprehensive plan for achieving your specific business objectives.

Embedded Consulting requires a minimum one month $20,000 retainer.

À la carte Consulting

Business Marketing

We understand that promoting your business isn’t easy. That’s why you’ll receive essential information to help make it easier. Or, if you like, we can create a full marketing plan for you.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your Web presences is an essential part of Internet marketing. We offer insights into using the right SEO techniques to help improve website traffic and sales.

Social Media

From setting up and using social networking services such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat to using best practices, creating social media guidelines and social media crisis management plans — we make the confusing and complex easy to understand.


Thinking about running a print advertising campaign, a single print ad, outdoor, collateral, broadcast, video or just need some help improving what you have? We will help you.

Brand Development

Creative Strategies, Logo Design, Business Marks and Stationery Design.

Internet Marketing

From Information Architecture, Website Design, UX/UI, and Content Development to Banner Ad Campaigns and Product Launches.

Creative Thinking Workshops

These comprehensive and incredibly fun, creative problem-solving workshops are designed to help your team break away from their routine thought process. To free themselves from constraints so they can be innovative thought leaders in your company. Your group will learn to visualize new approaches and solutions to an ever-changing marketplace while working cohesively as a team.

The difference is clear.

  • Achieve your goals faster and more efficient than doing it yourself.
  • Achieve a Higher ROI. Your time is valuable. Instead of trying to learn everything yourself, you can receive a higher ROI by focusing on what you do best — and let us do what we do best.
  • 30 years of time-tested experience ready to help your business achieve real results.
  • Save Time. When you let our experts focus on what we do best, you’ll have more time to spend on what you do best.
  • Contracted as needed, À la carte, per project, embedded, or on a retainer basis.
  • Flexibility. Consultation can be conducted by phone, Skype, Slack, email, in person (or in combination).

Whether you need our assistance as you plot a detailed marketing strategy, or just want to pick our brains from time to time, an option is available.

Flexible fees with project packages

  • Project packages and retainer services are billed in 15-minute increments.
  • You will receive a complete listing of all activity on your account, including the work performed and how long it took.
  • Hourly, No Commitment hours are billed as each job is completed. Your first hour is payable in advance.
  • Hourly, Pre-paid should be used within 60-days.
  • Contracts are payable in advance. Overages are billed at the contract rate. Actual use that’s less than the minimum will be forfeit or rolled back to the Hourly Pre-paid plan at your option.
  • Prices do not include outside costs associated with implementing recommendations. Such fees are the sole responsibility of the Client and are to be paid by the Client directly to vendors.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.

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