TV Production Estimate Form


2016 Version! A TV commercial or TV show production budget is the most important aspect of production. It’s basically the financial planning process that determines expenditures.

This 5-page TV production estimate form will help you identify and plan production expenses where you’ll see detailed breakdown for each TV production category; Creative Expenses, Production Expenses, and Post-Production Expenses.

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Production expenses consists of three basic budget categories;

  1. Creative Expenses
  2. Production Expenses
  3. Post-Production Expenses

For this reason, it’s important to budget production expenditures so production companies can provide their clients with accurate production estimates as well as setting guidelines to stay within client budgets.

This estimate form will help you identify and plan production expenses. And you’ll see the detailed breakdown for each category.

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Television Production Estimate Forms (5 pages)

This downloadable estimate form is available in two formats; .PDF and editable .DOCX — PLUS a Sample Production Estimate (in Microsoft Word) showing production cost examples!

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