Brand Development

Developing your corporate brand is one of the most important business investments your company can make.

Your business success depends on growth. Growth not just from sales, but sales acquired from brand recognition.

Brand equity isn’t just about the media, it cuts across everything we do — it’s about promotion, in-store presence, sponsorship, social media and public relations. It’s the totality of the communications effort, and then overlay that with the price/value trade-off consumers face when they make a particular purchase.
— Bob Liodice, President/CEO, Association of National Advertisers

We Create Strong Brand Identities

We will design a brand that will help increase sales and separate your business, services, and products from your competitors. Branding has been called the most powerful idea in the commercial world — so we put it to work for you.

"I have had the good fortune to work with many excellent print and Web designers, but have not often assumed the role of "client." For this reason, I am always surprised when I'm reminded just how much work goes into producing something that looks as simple as a business card or letter head product. Michael made it clear at the beginning of the project that he has well-established design and client communications processes. He agreed to produce a strong logo design for me, as well as business card and letterhead designs. He got the job done on-time, and I am very happy with the final products."
Adam Sidel
Chief Operating Officer, Ready4
"I just wanted to write to let you know how pleased my company is with the logo and letterhead design that your company created for us. You successfully married our company's vision with a layout and design that embody who and what we are at Better Homes. Not only was I impressed with your finished product, but so was our largest and best customer. You've really helped us enhance our image in a very competitive field. Thanks again for your unrelenting efforts. You are a pleasure to work with and I look forward to more profitable dealings with you and your company."
Tim Gammon
President, Better Homes, LLC
Perry Trest
"Kristof Creative was able to take nothing and turn it into some of the most impressive and functional promotional material my company has ever used."
Perry Trest
Wayne Fenstermacher
"A good company slogan can mean the difference between a great first impression and being just one of the crowd... Kristof Creative helped us identify and communicate the essence of our business in just three simple words".
Wayne Fenstermacher
President, DecorateMyRooms

Here’s a small selection of identities we’ve designed.

Not All Brand Designers Are Created Equal

Don’t be fooled into thinking all logo designers can deliver the same quality brand design — because they can’t.

99% of the brand designers or identity firms may have capable designers who can create beautiful designs. But that doesn’t mean they understand the creative and strategic process to create a successful brand image for your company.

Brands that endure the test of time.

As Nashville branding consultants, we will help your company identify the likes and dislikes of your target audience and then create your brand identity and message to keep it consistent through all marketing channels.

We Develop Strategically Focused Brands

A focused strategy is the foundation for which we will create your brand identity.

We start with outlining specific details about your company image, your target audience and the key benefit that needs to be communicated. From there, anything is possible.

Your Brand is Priceless

You’re about to pour your heart and soul into building your business. Now is not the time to cut corners, skimp on the development process, or hire a designer based on price alone.

Fortunately, the smart entrepreneur in you has no intention of failing like 80% of new businesses start-ups.

Why? Because you’re taking the time to do due diligence — researching, investigating, and checking referrals.

Let’s get started!