Copywriting Project Process

Our goal is to make you comfortable working with us, even if you’ve never used professional writing services.

And, of course, your 100% satisfaction. To meet those goals we’d like to explain what you can expect, right up front.

Writing Project Process


We work with you to gather and organize information about your company, communications objectives, expectations and goals. We will then review your completed Creative Strategy Questionnaire to focus these objectives into a strategic direction.


Based on your provided materials and information, we will develop and provide you with an initial 1st draft.


You review the 1st draft and, if required, provide us with your comments and suggestions.

Revise and Refine

Your direction and input is an integral element for us to “fine tune” the writing.


Should additional rewrites be needed, a 3rd and final draft will be provided. Naturally, this assumes there is no change in the assignment itself after 1st draft of copy has been submitted.


All drafts and final approved copy are delivered electronically via e-mail. If the contents of the material is sensitive, confidential, or proprietary, the files can be digitally password protected.

Writing Project Payments

Due to the nature of copywriting projects, our standard policy is to receive full payment in advance.

Copywriting Estimate

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