Get Your Business Online Fast with a
WordPress Powered Website for $1500

Seasoned WordPress developers are ready to get your business website launched using WordPress — one of the most popular website platforms on the Internet.
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Get Your Business Online Fast with a
WordPress Powered Website for only $500

Seasoned WordPress developers are ready to help you get your business website launched fast using WordPress — one of the most popular website platforms on the Internet.

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Why WordPress?

WordPress is highly-flexible and easy-to-use website Content Management System (CMS). It’s Most Popular with Business Websites; WordPress CMS powers 28.5% of all websites with a 59.4% market share of all known CMS’s and make up 14.7% of the top 100 websites in the world. 22% of new U.S. registered domains run on WordPress, there are over 29,000 WordPress plugins (and growing daily), and it’s available in 72 languages,
Here’s what a WordPress website can do for you.

  • Add, update, and/or delete information yourself with just a couple clicks.
  • Expand as your website content grows.
  • Easily integrate a blog section for posting articles, updates, or special offers, etc.
  • Provide a Search Engine Friendly platform (helping give your website more visibility in search engine listings).

Services we’ll perform to build and launch your website.

Install WordPress Software

You don’t have to know anything technical because we’ll handle all the installation details for you, such as;

  • Create required Databases on your website hosting server
  • Set up the software config file with required access passwords and security salts
  • Upload and install WordPress software on server
  • Configure General settings and add required users for Administration
  • Configure Permalink settings (to help increase search engine rankings)

If you don’t have web hosting, we highly recommend SiteGround.

WordPress Hosting Server
Website Security Precautions

Website Security

All website are vulnerable to attack — even WordPress. But we take steps to help secure your WordPress installation.

  • Add security measures to databases and configuration files
  • Set up Site Security plugin to help keep potential hackers at bay
  • Set up a Backup System so your site can be restored if case the worst happens
  • Ensure settings for your new website are correct and the configuration is perfect

Optimize For SEO and Social Sharing

Even the best looking website aren’t useful if people don’t know they exist. So we take initial steps to help make sure they do.

  • Install a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plugin to help get your site seen by Google & other search engines
  • Install and Set up Google XML Sitemaps *
  • Set up Google Analytics so you can track where visitors come from and the actions they take *
  • Set up RSS *
  • Install and configure social sharing options and add links to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn pages/profiles.
  • Set up website to be mobile friendly for visitors on touch-based devices

* Google account required

Social Media Popularity
Custom Tailored Suit

Customization and Content

Now it’s time to tailor your site to match your business.

  • Install a WordPress template (website design)
  • Add your logo
  • Adjust website colors to match your business (brand)
  • Install contact form so customers can easily reach you
  • Add location specific map and information so customers can find you
  • Add up to 5 pages of existing text
  • Review, sign-off, and launch your new site!

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Project Timing
Estimated completion is generally 5-7 business days from project start.

Payment Method
We accept Visa and MasterCard via secure online system.

A 50% deposit is required upon placing your order.

Please feel free to call with any questions you may have.

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