Why I Twitter

Thanks for taking time out of your day to land here.

Now that you’re here, let me fill you in a bit about who I am, what I Twitter about, and the *rules* I like to follow.

Personal Interests
As you may have already read on my Twitter page Bio, I’m a computer geek — specifically Mac. If you use Windows, that’s cool — whatever works best for you.

I have been head deep in Mac’s since the Apple SE30 days. So if you have any questions, I can probably help you out.

I love advertising, design, marketing, social media, and search engine optimization (I eat SEO for breakfast). More recently (meaning the past 6+ years), I’ve been applying all the above to Internet marketing strategies. And I’ve been pretty successful at it too.

I like classic cars and had a love affair with my 1972 BMW 2002. Even though I had to let it go, I’m still fond of it and run a website geared to helping other ’02 owners restore their BMW (see 02Resoration.com).

I am also a web geek; Website design, CSS, jQuery. For me, it’s all about solving the puzzle. Taking a strategy and then finding the right pieces to turn it into an efficient communication vehicle. So, naturally, I post a lot of info and tips about those topics.

Business Goals
2009 was the start of breaking away from client based work as my primary income model so I could focus on building my empire. Yes, empire. I always say that you need to “go big” or “go home”. I have many small business ventures, but the largest was launched in 2010 — a free advanced Twitter search tool that also provides some pretty amazing analytics and reporting. Follow me at @TweetReports for more info. Even better, go to TweetReports and start searching!.

Why I Twitter

As you know, Twitter is a really powerful social network. That said, it’s a great platform to interact with like-minded people, exchange ideas, and build what otherwise would have never been conceived. Case in point. @ChadEngle and I (having never met) created an idea for a new site and had it launched in less than 8 hours (see: Lame Twitter Marketing) Imagine what you can do?

Top reasons why I WON’T follow you.

  • Your Twitter page web link goes to a sales/squeeze page.
  • You Twitter page doesn’t include a Bio. How am I supposed to know who you are or what we may have in common?
  • You have 10 updates but are following 1200 and/or there are thousands following you. All this says it that you’re more interested in quantity of followers rather than quality.
  • If your Twitter user name includes words like; “free” or “money” or “instant” etc.
  • If you promote any type of product that helps people “Get more followers on Twitter the easy, fast, automated way!

Other reasons I may not follow you back.

  • Unfortunately, I only speak English. I do know a little Spanish, German, and Pig-Latin — but not near enough to be proficient. I wish I was bi- or tri-lingual, but I’m not. So if you tweet in anything but English, I won’t understand *sigh*.
  • Majority of your updates are;
    — self-promotion links to your own articles
    — links for affiliate products ( I really hate these)
  • I go back 1-2 pages of your Twitter updates and can’t find even a single RT. Engagement is a huge part of building a relationship with followers. If the people you’re following haven’t said anything of interest that’s worth retweeting, you need to reconsider who you’re following — even if it’s me.

Why I WILL follow you

  • You have a higher ratio of updates to followers. This instantly says you’re going “old school”. The numbers aren’t your priority.
  • You’re updates are about things I’m interested in (see my bio and/or updates).
  • I believe social networking is all about engagement. Therefor;
    — Anyone who follows me and sends me a personal, sincere message — I will follow you back.
    — If you RT one of my updates, I will follow you back.
    — If you add me to a Twitter List, I will follow you back.

Reasons why I may unfollow you

  • I send you a message and you ignore me
  • You use profanity. Instant unFollow.
  • You send me an auto DM pitching a product/service or link to a landing/squeeze page. Please DO NOT SELL TO ME.
  • Although I do care about your well-being, I don’t want to hear about your personal woes. I have enough on my plate without carrying your baggage too. All it does is bum me out. Save that for your best friends, shrink, pastor, etc.

Your Patience is Appreciated

Like you, I have to earn a buck to put food on the table. So I’m a pretty busy person. What this means is that it may take me a week — even two — before I have the time to review your profile (and I do review every profile of every person that follows me). So please be patient. Just because I don’t immediately follow you back doesn’t mean I won’t (of course, there is that possibility).