Website Design Process

Website design projects don’t have to be confusing. As a starting point, we outlined our website design process below.

Although there are times when the best words to identify something are technical terms (you know, the “techy” phrases computer geeks love to toss around), we’ll always follow up with what they really mean in simple, easy-to-understand language. Because the more you understand, the more information you’ll have to approve our recommendations.

Our Development Process

1. Award Project

50% of the total Web design project is due upon your approval of the project estimate.

2. Development Questionnaire

We work with you to gather and organize information about your company, communications objectives, expectations and goals.

3. Competitive Research

An in-depth study is made of your businesses competitive landscape (both direct and indirect competition); Website design, styles, color pallets, tone of voice, products and call-to-action.

4. Collect Project Assets

All content (text), photos, business logo’s and access information essential to completing the project is collected.

5. Site Map / Architecture Development

All content pages are organized into usability enhanced groups and a site navigational structure is finalized.

6. Preliminary Design Exploration

During this phase we will create and present two (2) initial Website design directions (home page) for the website.

7. Design Evaluation

Based upon your suggestions, we will refine designs. The next installment of 25% of the website design fee is due upon approval of the concept/design direction.

8. Design Execution

Your approved design direction will be programmed into the appropriate code along with required content, images, forms, scripting, links and database (if applicable).

    Home Page Coding

    Reviews/approvals so you see exactly what the page will look like in coded format.

    Second (content) Page Coding

    Reviews/approvals with client
    This is a CRITICAL stage. This is a coded page (no content) and used as a template to create the entire website. If the changes are made after approval, the phase is repeated and additional fees may be incurred. 

    Code Remaining Pages (no content)

    Navigational testing / Reviews/approvals with client
    No changes to design or structure should be required at this point (additional fees, blah, blah, blah).

    Content Integration (Text, images, etc.)

    Text to be provided in its final format. Changes (if required) can be made after delivery. Any client requested changes that absolutely must be made during this stage will be bill at our hourly rate based on actual’s.
    — Reviews/approvals with client
    — Final testing and de-bugging

9. Website Testing

Your site is uploaded to our servers for beta testing — finalization of links, copy and graphics. Your site remains private until the process is complete.

10. Website Approval

Upon final approval of your website, the remaining 25% of project fee is due.

11. Website Posting

Your site will be uploaded to appropriate servers, and “go live”.

Website Hosting: If you don’t have a hosting service, Kristof Creative provides competitively priced hosting services. Learn more information about our Web hosting services.

12. Digital Archive

All files used in the final Website design are archived to a DVD or flash drive along with a corresponding file index.

Project Timing

Based on the scope of work to be completed, final delivery date will be determined in advance. Final delivery date is dependent on a timely client approval process.

Additional Details
As each project has it own unique requirements, the actual process and payment schedule can differ on a case-by-case basis.

Estimate does not not include web hosting, scanning, digital retouching and alterations, or outside costs including, but not limited to, photography, copywriting, stock imagery, state or local sales tax, where applicable, freight shipping or other miscellaneous charges

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