PowerPoint Design Testimonials

"Kristof did a great job understanding our goals objectives and vision. As a non-profit this is extremely essential in all forms of communication. The final presentation caught our essence and projected a very professional product. Thanks guys!"
Nevlynn Johnson
President, Choices Matter Development Foundati
Did we meet your expectations? Absolutely, the style, tone, and color were exactly what we were looking for and customer service was beyond superb. Were our services provided in a timely manner as outlined in the project estimate? Very much so. Even with my crazy deadline and last minute changes, the designer was very accommodating, and professional. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate our services? -- 10 -- Would you use our services in the future? Absolutely. I plan to use Kristof Creative for our Corporate Program presentations. Personal Comments I am very impressed by Kristof Creative's professional high quality product and outstanding customer service.
Abigail Hofman
Corporate Program Associate, American Association of Community Colleges
"You were creative and responsive. Every single person who has seen the flash piece that you put together and made a part of the presentation has asked specifically about getting it and using it! That, in particular, was fun, educational, and a great enhancement! It is the type of addition that helps make a presentation memorable. My CEO loves it, he presented the PowerPoint to our Board and they loved it! etc."
Margaret Rivera
Vice President, Member and Information Services, American Association of Community Colleges