Rarely these days do we get more than what we asked or paid for. As a point of fact, we’re typically disappointed with the end results. I’m delighted to say, that after careful consideration, choosing Kristof Creative to facilitate all of the art conception, design and direction for this new album was truly a world series home run. They were able to visualize our thoughts, capture the project’s energy and ultimately deliver a finished product that surpassed our hopes and desires. The feedback that we have received about the album’s art work is inspiring and exciting.

In the music world, the listener’s first impression of the album is what’s on the cover. In some cases, it’s longer lasting and more impacting than what’s inside.

In closing, Kristof Creative has exceeded our needs, broadened our horizons and provided us with a product that was more than what we asked or paid for.

Thank you for your vision, hard work and professionalism.”

— Stacey Coppess, Songwriter/Musician: Soul Elements