Consulting Testimonials

"I run a small film & TV production house here in Uganda, Africa. I am thankful for how resourceful your website is. Just before I meet with my clients, I review your site to see whether my presentation will sound professional enough -- and I can let you know my client base is adding up. Thank you for the good work. If I ever get a job big enough, surely I know who to turn to."
Hosea Jemba
Owner, Arkhos Film & Television
"On behalf of the Staff Conferences Committee and the whole department, I want to thank you for your mesmerizing presentation on creativity. Personally, I could have listened to you all afternoon!"
Wanda Thorne
Staff Conference Committee Chair, Mississippi State University
"Well the positive feedback has been flowing since the creativity session yesterday. I’m sure many different points you made will help start a more positive process toward open-minded approaches. Thanks for taking the time to prepare, travel, and present this for our group. Not to mention making me look so good for finding a diverse presenter. I’ll be sure and thank Dave too, for sending me your way. If interested I'd be glad to give you a plug to other related groups on campus if they need a creative outlook boost. Thanks again."
Phillip Smith
Mississippi State University