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We can help increase traffic to your website — like we’ve helped many other business owners.

The first step to owning the Internet is with a professional search engine optimization (SEO) website review.

Successful website owners don’t waste time wondering what they should do next — because they already know!

They know how their website is performing.

They know how it is ranking in search engines.

When a page isn’t ranking well, they know to contact us to get a fast and reliable SEO review.

Our review will find the a web page’s weak points and tell you exactly how to fix it.

This is How Successful Website Owners Crush It in Getting Top Search Engine Rankings!

A comprehensive review will identify any search engine optimization issues with your website and give you specific instructions to fix it — just like other successful website owners do!

This detailed and in-depth report will give you instant and comprehensive insights into;

  • SEO Site Overview (Analyzed pages and Competitive Summary)
  • Document Title Use (One of the most important items in on-page optimization.)
  • Heading Tags Review (H1, H2, H3)
    (Headings (h1) and sub-headings (h2, h3) are texts that are written between the <h1> .. </h1>, <h2> .. </h2> and <h3> .. </h3> tags)
  • Body text: Word Count, Text Length, Keyword Count, Position, Density for your specified keyword. (Body text is the text from your web page without all the HTML tags and code.)
  • URL Review (The address of your web page.)
  • Sitemap and robots.txt Review (Sitemap is a file (or multiple files) that list URLs for a site. Robots.txt is a file on your site that tells web spiders (like Googlebot) how to behave on your site. Meta robots tag is a special HTML tag that tells robots how to behave on that page.)
  • Meta Description Review (Meta description is your description of your web page. It is coded in HTML and doesn’t appear on the web page. Search engines sometimes display this description in search results.)
  • OnSite Links Review (Internal linking and links in general are very important from SEO standpoint. Search engine algorithms use anchor texts extensively.)
  • HTML Code and Page Load Time Review (Optimizing HTML code is part of the SEO. It also increases usability because optimized HTML usually loads faster.)
  • Review Use of Images and Photos(For SEO purposes it is useful to analyze filenames and “alt” texts of images on your site.)
  • Meta Keywords Review (Meta keywords are keywords related to your site. They are coded in HTML and don’t appear on the web page. Search engines generally don’t care about meta keywords but it doesn’t hurt to have them. You can get new keyword ideas by looking at your competitor’s keywords.)

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