SEO Methodology

The objective of each search engine is to provide the most relevant results to its users. As such, it’s essential for online businesses to make SEO an integral part of their Internet business strategy.

Kristof Creative helps you define, evolve and implement a powerful SEO strategy to leverage your online business potential.

Working with this main objective in mind, our team of SEO professionals use its expertise and proven set of ethical techniques to provide your Website a focused, optimized online content, navigation, code, etc. to make it more search engine friendly, and therefore, naturally rank higher.

In plain speak: We do the technical stuff so you get more people visiting your website.

SEO Methodology

Our SEO program is a powerful and thoroughly researched solution. All our Search Engine Optimization projects are handled by experts and follow a systematic process to analyze and deep-optimize website’s using proven ethical techniques.

A proven and carefully crafted methodology is followed for each SEO project:

Initial Analysis

The initial site analysis is designed to research the site’s current indexing in search engines, uncover problem areas & challenges and evaluate its current traffic trends.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the most important aspect of any SEO campaign. The goal is to not just to research high-traffic keywords but to identify keywords which have;

  • High relevance to your site
  • High potential for conversion
  • High potential to rank
  • Lower competition

The above factors are key to your successful SEO campaign in order to give you the optimum performance for each dollar you spend.

Site Optimization

Site optimization involves precision handling of the SEO process. Keywords are grouped based on LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) assessment and page themes.

On-page optimization includes Title & Meta tags optimization, image optimization, anchor text and title attributes optimization and on-page text markups for best performance. Other aspects such as error pages and sitemaps are completed for easier search engine indexing and higher rankings.

Site Submission

Site is submitted to; top search engines, Alexa, industry directories and industry yellow pages. Site announcements and press releases are carried out where applicable.

Throughout each step our SEO team will interact with you. We listen closely as your feedback is valuable and, wherever possible, your suggestions are incorporated.

SEO Package Options

Kristof Creative offers customized & packaged SEO solutions. Each SEO package is carefully designed to give your website maximum boost in traffic for the money spent.

  • Startup SEO Package: Ideal for new sites and startup businesses with a limited SEO budget. You can upgrade to higher level of SEO services as you achieve results and additional revenue.
  • Business SEO Package: Suitable for medium sized websites looking to achieve a higher level of ranking & traffic.
  • Corporate SEO Packagee: Designed for fairly large websites which have a significant part of their business coming through online sources.
  • Enterprise SEO Package: Suitable for large E-commerce website’s looking to beat their competition, increase market share, and significantly reduce their Pay-Per-Click (PPC) & customer acquisition cost.

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