Keyword Research Analysis

SEO keyword research is at the heart of any online promotion campaign. And quality keyword research forms the basis of good optimization, getting relevant links, and setting up effective PPC campaigns.

You will receive a keyword research and recommendation report on 25-50 keyword phrases. Report also includes the ROI calculation of various keywords as well as an assessment of the number of links required for various keywords.

Even if you’ve already completed some search engine optimization or Link Building, it’s always a good idea to review current competition for important keywords and to assess whether you need to tweak your marketing activity to keep up with the changing competition.

What is keyword phrase research?

Keyword phrase research is a process of selecting the most ‘searched for’ targeted and high-yield keyword phrases that can help visitors find your site.

Why you need it

Good keyword phrase research (and selection of right keyword phrases) ensures your SEO efforts make it easier for you to rank high and get quality traffic (not just high traffic).

On the flip side, targeting the wrong keyword phrases can result in lower website traffic and decreased sales and conversions — even if you achieve high search engine rankings.

How we do it?

Our keyword phrase research deploys a structured process. Briefly, it is divided into four phases;

  1. Discover Keywords
    covers analysis of the target audience and site offering. Based on this, the process is designed to discover as many keyword phrases as possible, which fit your business model. We use reliable online keyword research tools like Wordtracker and others to get the keyword coverage.
  2. Analyze Keywords
    involves value addition to the keyword phrases about competition, popularity and ranking capabilities
  3. Select keywords
    involves objective and subjective evaluation of keyword phrases based on business focus and ranking capabilities and selecting the high-yield keyword phrases.
  4. Deploy Keywords (recommendations).

Keyword Research Service

  • Initial meeting or discussions with client
  • Q&A about the site, target audience, business, etc.
  • Site audience analysis
  • Raw keyword research
  • Detailed keyword research
  • Site PageRank evaluation
  • Keyword analysis and value additions
  • Keyword selection
  • Site-specific deployment recommendations


  • Final keyword list with supporting research
  • Site deployment recommendations

Time Frame:

  • 3 days for discussions (client availability dependent)
  • 1 week for keyword research & analysis
  • 3 days for deployment recommendation document
  • Total — about 2 weeks