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Don’t let your business website remain invisible online.

Having the most efficient website and great content won’t make your business successful if customers don’t know it exists. And relying on customer’s to find your website via a business card alone is a losing marketing strategy. That’s why we’re all about results driven SEO services.

"After trying all of the web design and SEO optimization myself, I felt that Michael Kristof was able to take my web page to the next level. I really should have been in touch long before I did, I would have saved more money in the long run."
Richard Martin


What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process in which your entire website — or selected pages — is modified in such a way that makes it easier for search engines to absorb page content while also helping to increase the overall ranking it assigns to each page.

Other factors such as links pointing to your website and social media also have a huge impact on search engine rankings.

The assigned rankings then determine where your site is listed within the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) when a person uses specific keywords or phrases when searching for the products and/or services you offer.

Why SEO is a major component to the success of your business.

With Google currently indexing over 1 Trillion unique URLs (pages), and growing by several billion pages per day, it’s imperative to have your website optimized. 

Over 95% of site visitors find the sites they want through the most popular search engines and directories.

The average Google searcher spends less than seven seconds looking at a search results page before they make a click decision. Which means if your site isn’t listed within the top listings, your business is losing traffic and sales!

As you can see, making it onto the first page of search results from Google, Yahoo! or Bing is a major goal of all website owners — specially considering that only a tiny number come from results after the first page.

That’s why your website needs to be optimized by an ethical SEO company specifically for search engines — so customers will find you.

Our SEO services will help customers find you.

Our professional SEO package is designed to help take your search engine marketing to the next level by developing a focused optimization strategy. It’s geared towards those businesses who understand the importance of search engine optimization and the difference it can make in attaining higher search engine rankings and increased website traffic.

Our Search Engines Optimization program includes the following;

  • Initial Website and Target Audience Analysis
  • Search Engine Friendliness Analysis
  • Pre-optimization Report
  • Keyword Research and Competition Analysis
  • Content Analysis (matched against keyword research)
  • SEO Writing (Copy Optimization)
  • Site Code Optimization
  • Testing & Quality Control
  • Final Reviews and Submissions of your Home Page and Site Map to major free Search Engines and Directories
  • Search Engine Ranking Reports

84% of web pages are found and accessed via the major search engines. And that 84% is targeted traffic, looking for you — but the question is, will they find you?

Whether you’re launching a new business or have an established website, we’ll help get your site listed, achieve higher rankings and get your products in front of customers.

Choose from four comprehensive SEO packages.