Union Planters Bank TV Commercial “Work at Home Mom”

Project Description

:30 TV commercial branding Union Planters Bank as the solution for your banking needs.


Everyone is good at something. Union Planters is good at helping people with make smart financial decisions. Like a successful work-from-home mom needing advice on whether to buy a bigger house or add-on to the existing home now that’s she’s expecting another child.

V/O: “She can make Fettucini Alfredo with her eyes closed. She can end a backseat argument without stopping the car. And she’s managed a success career in publishing. But she doesn’t know if she and her husband should buy a bigger house or add on now that another child is on the way. That’s okay, we do. At Union Planters, we realize there are things you know and things you don’t. We can help with the things you don’t. Tagline: Solution. Union Planters Bank.