Union Planters Bank TV Commercial “Telephone Lineman”

Project Description

Create a new brand advertising TV commercial campaign for Union Planters Bank. This 30-second commercial featured a telephone lineman needing financial estate planning advice.


Everyone is good at something. Union Planters is good at helping people with making smart banking and financial decisions. Like how to take care of your family should something happen to you.

V/O: “He’s climbed nearly 4,000 poles in the last 18 years. And never missed a day. Four times he’s been named employee of the year. And during the storm of ’89, he restored service to 26 city blocks in 14 hours, single-handedly. But he really doesn’t know how to take care of his family if something happens to him. That’s okay, we do. At Union Planters, we realize there are things you know and things you don’t. We can help with the things you don’t. Tagline: Solution. Union Planters.