SkyTel Pager TV Commercial “Funeral Pt. 1”

Project Description

“Funeral” Part 1 is a funny 30-second TV ad for SkyTel pagers where “Guaranteed Message Delivery” takes on a whole new meaning.

Product demonstrations are a good way to show how a product delivers on its promises. Since SkyTel offers guaranteed message delivery, we thought, “Just how far can we push this guarantee in order for it to be really memorable? Can someone send a text message from beyond the grave? From the grave? How about inside the coffin?”

Here’s a spot where what is being said isn’t as important as what’s happening and where. A young, beautiful, Southern wife sits alongside the coffin at her elderly, and very rich, husbands funeral. But is he really dead? Stay tuned for Part 2.

Special thanks to Jeff Tanner and A Shot in the Dark Productions.

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