SkyTel Pager TV Commercials

Project Details

TV Commercial



Concept, Art Direction

30 seconds

Project Description

“Funeral” Part 1 is a funny 30-second TV ad for SkyTel pagers where “Guaranteed Message Delivery” takes on a whole new meaning.


Product demonstrations are a good way to show how a product delivers on its promises. Since SkyTel offers guaranteed message delivery, we thought, “Just how far can we push this guarantee in order for it to be really memorable? Can someone send a text message from beyond the grave? From the grave? How about inside the coffin?”

TV Spots
This is an example of a TV commercial where what’s being said isn’t as important as what’s happening.

Commercial #1 – Death Becomes Him Part 1:
The first commercial sets the stage with the scene of a funeral. A preacher is giving his eulogy when the wife suddenly receives a message from her ‘deceased’ husband’s SkyTel device, saying “I’m not dead yet.” The unexpected twist catches the audience’s attention and highlights the reliability of SkyTel’s two-way messaging.

Commercial #2 – Death Becomes Him Part 2:
The second commercial continues the funeral scene. It further builds upon the humor and intrigue, with the wife and her ‘deceased’ husband exchanging sassy messages through SkyTel. It reiterates the reliability and instantaneous communication enabled by SkyTel’s two-way messaging system.

Special thanks to Jeff Tanner and A Shot in the Dark Productions.