Mississippi Tourism TV Commercial “Brand Image”

Project Description

Create a 60-second brand/image TV commercial for the Mississippi Division of Tourism – now called Mississippi Development Authority – that indices people to visit Mississippi.


An Art Director from California and a writer from Indiana. Not quite the duo you’d think would be working on a MS tourism account. But having been transplanted into Mississippi, it gave them unique insights into what makes Mississippi so unique. The vignettes in this TV commercial are scenarios they experienced while living in Mississippi.


This brand campaign captured the heart and soul of what makes Mississippi such a wonderful place to visit. It’s about the people who live there and how warm and generous they are to everyone they meet.

The original song and melody made a perfect bed for weaving the scenes together and communicating the big idea. LYRICS: “Ever since we met. My heart can’t forget. All I ever think about is you. Little things you do. Thrill me through and through. All I ever think about is you.”
TITLE: Mississippi. Come someplace warm for a change.