Mississippi Tourism TV Commercial “The Blues”

Project Description

:30 TV spot for the Mississippi Department of Economic and Community Development (MDECD) – now called Mississippi Development Authority.

Seems everyone was using the “Blues” to sell just about every kind of product; Sneakers, Blue Jeans, and even diabetic supplies. But that’s not what the Blues are really about. It’s about the music. And place where it all started.

This isn’t a commercial for beer. Or blue jeans. Or sneakers. It’s about the music. The Blues. And the place where it all started. Mississippi. Where the Blues was born.

The “actor” in the commercial was Eddie Cusic. A well-known Blues musician from Mississippi. But there was no acting involved. Once Eddie sat down in the chair, he just started playing. And kept playing. So the Director just started shooting film. And kept shooting. The song is “Worry You Off My Mind” – Track #4 on Eddie’s CD “Leland Mississippi Blues” on Amazon.

Eddie Cusic - Mississippi Blues Musician

Eddie Cusic (1926-2015)

American Mississippi blues guitarist, singer, and songwriter. His talent will be missed.

Project Details

TV Commercial

Mississippi Dev. Authority


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