Mississippi Pride Football TV Commercial “New Set of Rules”

Project Details

TV Commercial

Mississippi Pride

Concept, Art Direction, Writing, Prodction

30 seconds


Project Description

The Regional Football League (RFL) was an American football league formed to be the self-styled “major league of spring football.” This 30-second TV commercial introduced “Mississippi Pride” the Jackson, MS based football team.


What do you do when the client has little to no budget? Start with a smart, compelling idea, add music, sound effects, and some interesting graphics.

Mauling the Passer: 15 yards. Leg Gnawing: 10 yards. Pawing the Punter: 15 yards. Slashing the Ball: 5 yards. Excessive Mutilation: 30 yards. A new set of rules for a new breed of football. Mississippi Pride. Coming April 10 to Memorial Stadium. Call 353-PRIDE for tickets.