Crossroads Film Festival TV Commercial “Doll”

Project Description

Concept and develop TV commercial campaign promoting the 1st annual Crossroads Film Festival. The second spot of the campaign can be watched here.


Film festivals are an amazing forum for aspiring directors to showcase their films to the world. As such, the story content, directing, acting, and editing can be just about anything – and things you’ve never even considered. You never really know what you might see. That’s one of the things that makes going to a film festival so fun. So we connected ideas based on the thought, what would someone never expect to see at a film festival – even if it was in the audience.

VO: “Crossroads Film Festival. You never know what you might see.”

Michael Kristof exceeded our expectations with fresh and innovative ideas. His work never fails to receive high praise for its uniqueness, clarity, and originality.

Ferrell Tadlock

Festival Director, Crossroads Film Festival

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Project Details

TV Commercial

Crossroads Film Festival


Concept, Art Direction, Writing

15 seconds


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