Crossroads Film Festival Brochure Design

Crossroads Film Festival Brochure Design

Project Details

Brochure Design

Crossroads Film Festival


Concept, Design, Art Direction

2-color, 16-pages, 9″ x 5.5″

Project Description

Design a brochure for the 1st annual Crossroads Film Festival to be held in Jackson, MS.


Musicians have been known to go to great lengths in their quest for fame and fortune. Including making a deal with the Devil down at the crossroads. The same can be said of film directors. So we sought out the crossroads and found a sign. It was a One Way road road, the direction was clear.


A visually striking, 2-color, 8.5″ x 5.5″ film festival brochure spanning 16-pages. The wider, letterbox, format of the brochure was used to help communicate the aspect ratio and look of a feature film.

The campaign also included designing the festival logo, stationery, flyer, creating TV commercials, and a website design.

Michael Kristof has done the art direction for the Crossroads Film Festival for the first and third festivals and has consistently done exceptional work for us, always more that we asked for or expected.”
Ferrell Tadlock

Festival Director, Crossroads Film Festival