Citizens Bank TV Commercial “Mark Your Calendar”

Project Description

This 30-second TV commercial (one of five ads in the series) focused on one of the many benefits customers would see when Mellon Bank reopened as Citizens Bank.

Citizens Bank tagline, “Not Your Typical Bank” called for a not so typical approach to convincing Mellon Bank customers that merging with Citizens Bank was a good thing — with some interesting benefits. For example, free calendars. No formal scripts were written. instead, we took a “man on the street” approach so customers could tell their own story.

According to their logo, it’s not your typical bank. They’re going to be a big bank as far as I know — giving away 500,000 calendars. I mean, that’s a lot of calendars. Lot of ink. Lot of paper. All I can say when I walk by that calendar is I printed that thing. And I did my best at it. It looks good. I would like to have one of these calendars. Actually hang it on my wall.

Campaign won an Effie Award for it’s effectiveness.