Chef Boyardee TV Commercial “Invisible Friends”

Project Description

30-second TV commercial introducing Sesame Street Pasta.


Chef Boyardee, in association with Children’s Television Workshop (CTW), was introducing a new pasta for kids. Once being kids ourselves, we knew that kids love to have fun and use their imagination. With the pasta containing shapes of Big Bird, Elmo, and Cookie Monster, we created a TV spot that brought the famous children’s TV characters to life and, of course, in a way that only kids could see.

Female VO: “Chef Boyardee has found a fun way to get your kids to eat. Introducing Sesame Street Pasta. Shapes of Big Bird and friends in a delicious new sauce created especially for little kids. With no MSG or preservatives. Prepared in a wholesome way you’ll appreciate. With a special taste they’ll love. Mom: What’s gottin’ into you? Child: Laughs. VO: Sesame Street Pasta. Brought to you by Chef Boyardee and the letters M.O.M.

Fun fact: The little boy in the commercial is Angus T. Jones. Best known for his role in the TV sitcom “Two and a Half Men“.