Occupant Mailing Lists

Get targeted Occupant Data Mailing Lists From The Most Accurate Source.

What is Occupant Data?
A list source of over 150 million residents (homes / apartments / trailers) and 12 million business locations.

Occupant Data Mailing Lists

Technology — What separates us in the marketplace is the technology we employ to provide the most targeted Occupant data you could find. Our drive-time radius gathers prospects who can most easily reach a destination. Polygon mapping technology lets users draw their geography; great for designating franchise territories as well as selecting areas required by city ordinances.

Targeting — Most people don’t associate targeting with Occupant lists, but it turns out that communities within the same carrier route often look the same. That’s why we offer carrier route targeting on our Occupant data: from average income in a carrier route to median age, home value, length of residence, even % of ethnicity in a carrier route.

Quality — While all Occupant data is derived from the same master database of all addresses in the country, at Mailers Haven we make sure our customers receive only the best of it. A quick example of this is retirement homes where the postal service may call for 100 or more address drops, we limit our drops to just 20 — the number of people we have found, through experience, able and willing to respond.

  • Highly accurate median income, age, home value and percentage of households with children is attached to carrier routes in the file for targeted Occupant list searches
  • Unlike many of our competitors, our data offer actual addresses for Rural and Highway Contract Routes in most areas. Even for address routes, use of simplified data is very limited.
  • A radius can be run from an actual address (not just the center point of a carrier route or zip-code).

    Occupant Lists Quality Ratios

    • Average Deliverability: 97%
    • Delivery Guarantee: 92%
    • % Simplified Data: Less than 1%
    • DPV Qualified: 100%
    • Highest DPV Score: 100%
    • Updated: Monthly

Occupant Base List $10.00/M + IDF

OccuName Base List $20.00/M + IDF

Occuname base is the same address information and selects as the Occupant List but includes contact names where available.

  • $65 Minimum Order
  • Geography and File Data included
  • Internet Delivery Fee (IDF) : $25.00 Flat Fee

Included Selects

  • Radius by Distance
  • Radius by Drive Time
  • Dwelling Type
  • Route Type
  • Median Income
  • Median Home Value
  • % of House w/ Children in a CRRT

Premium Selects

  • Name where available

Drive Time

No more selecting those records that are over a mountain or past a river! With our new “Radius by Drive-Time” feature, you can choose just those locations within an accurately determined driving time radius.

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