New Homeowner Mail Lists

If you’re looking to target new homeowner’s, we have the quality homeowner mailing lists you need.

What is New Homeowners Data?
Multiple databases covering weekly and monthly New Homeowners.

Quality New Homeowners Lists

Selection — We offer a weekly and monthly New Homeowners file as well as a weekly New Homeowners file to give our customers a variety of choices with regard to data and selects.

Targeting — We append detailed information onto our monthly New Homeowners data so our customers can take advantage of better targeting. Combine new homeowners with loan amounts, income, loan to value, lender type and more. The results will speak for themselves.

Subscription — Save time and money with a subscription service. With no minimums or e-mails fee with a 3-month trial, it’s a great way to save money and have your data delivered right to your e-mail box every day, week or month.

Quality Ratios

  • Average Deliverability: 95%
  • Delivery Guarantee: 92%
  • 9-Digit Zipped: 100%
  • DPV Qualified: 100%
  • Highest DPV Score: 99.7%%
  • Updated: Monthly

Monthly New Homeowner Hotline Base: $50/M + IDF
Weekly New Homeowner Hotline Base: $75/M + IDF

  • $65 Minimum Order
  • Geography and File Data included
  • Internet Delivery Fee (IDF) : $25.00 Flat Fee

Premium Selects

  • Gender of Primary Owner
  • Housing Type
  • Median Income
  • Owned by Trust
  • Owner Type
  • Loan Amount
  • Loan-to-Value
  • Loan Type
  • Lender Type

Mailing List Count Request

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