Consumer Mailing Lists

The Absolute Best Consumer Mailing Lists You’ll Find Anywhere.

What is Consumer Data?
Source of nearly 200 million individuals with demographic and psychographic information as well as buying behaviors.

Quality Consumer Lists

Flexibility – We don’t force our customers to a certain list compiler, though we certainly make recommendations. We use both Excelsior Premium Consumer Data, when deliverability and premium selects are your top concerns, as well as Acxiom data, the most comprehensive consumer list available.

Quality – Don’t settle for lower cost, lower quality data. In a recent study, Acxiom’s data came out on top against its regular Consumer list competitors. And with our premium Consumer file, Excelsior, we guarantee even higher deliverability rates. Give our Consumer data a try. You’ll find better lists means better results.

Freshness – One thing that sets us apart from the competition is that we always host our data with the compiler. That means the day their data is updated, we have access to it. Also, on the Excelsior Premium Consumer file, that data is double cleansed during the compilation process, making it the freshest data available.

  • Updated every 30 days
  • 100% recompiled using all new sources every 60 days
  • Most common selects are compiled from actual source data, not modeled or inferred information
  • Better data means better results

    Quality Ratios

    • Average Deliverability: 95%
    • Delivery Guarantee: 94%
    • 9-Digit Zipped: 100%
    • DPV Qualified: 100%
    • Highest DPV Score: 99.7%%
    • Updated: Monthly

    Better Postage
    Unlike many of our competitors, our Consumer Data comes with Walk Sequence Numbers. This means that carrier routes with 125 records or more can qualify for High density postage rates.

Let us put together a consumer mailing list for you.
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Consumer Base Mailing List $36.00/M + IDF

  • “M” = 1,000 records
  • $65 Minimum Order
  • Internet Delivery Fee (IDF) : $25.00 Flat Fee
  • The Selects You Order Most Often Are Always Free!

    Included Selects (Included for free when requested)

    • Premier Age (1 year increments)
    • Premier Income (Up to $2.5MM+)
    • Premier Home Value
    • Gender
    • Marital Status
    • Gender of Children
    • Address Indicator Type
    • Home Value
    • Homeowner / Renter
    • Year Home Built

    Premium Selects


    • Date of Birth
    • Month of Birth
    • Education Level
    • Occupation
    • Number of Children
    • Investors
    • Net Worth
    • Ethnicity
    • Ethnic Country
    • Religion
    • Single Parent


    • Housing Type Detail
    • Home Office Indicator
    • Home Purchase Date
    • Primary Loan Date
    • Loan-to-Value Range
    • Available Home Equity


    • Credit Card Indicator
    • Credit Card Users
    • New Bank Card Issued
    • Range of New Credit
    • Underbanked
    • Economic Stability Indicator

    Phones & Mail

    • 100% Phones
    • Phones Where Available

    Buying Activities

    • Apparel
    • Arts and Antiques
    • Books and Music
    • Children’s Products
    • Donation / Contribution
    • Home and Garden
    • Sports and Leisure


    • Allergies in the Household
    • Arthritis/Mobility issues in the Household
    • Cholesterol Conscious Househol
    • Diabetic in Household
    • Disabled in Household
    • Homeopathic Conscious Household
    • Organic Conscious Household

    Life Stages

    • Recently Married
    • Recently Divorced
    • Expectant Parent
    • New Parent
    • Child Nearing High School Graduation
    • Recent College Graduate
    • Empty Nester
    • Recent Mortgage Borrower
    • Recent Home Buyer

    Vehicle Info

    • Truck / Motorcycle /RV Owner
    • Dominant Vehicle Indicator
    • Vehicle Make
    • Vehicle Year

    Mailing List Count Request

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