Bankruptcy Mailing Lists

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What is Bankruptcies Data?
Database of consumer bankruptcies nationwide.

Bankruptcy Mailing List Data

Accuracy — Our bankruptcy data comes straight from public records and is received from county courthouses nationwide.

Simplicity — The file is available through our count system or by contacting your list agent. Need a count in seconds? Go online and run a count right now – even while speaking with your client on the phone. It’s that easy.

Security — When ordering some of the more unusual lists, like bankruptcies, it is great to know that a company like Mailers Haven is standing behind the data. We sell nearly a billion records yearly and offer our clients only the very best lists on the market.

Freshness — Bankruptcy information is accumulated on an ongoing basis, posted new every month.

Quality Ratios

  • Average Deliverability: 90%
  • Delivery Guarantee: 85%
  • 9-Digit Zipped: 100%
  • DPV Qualified: 100%
  • Highest DPV Score: 88%%
  • Updated: Monthly
Bankruptcy List Database Pricing
Description Price Minimum
Bankruptcy Base Price $85 per 1000 $175
Bankruptcy Base Price Internet Delivery Only $85 per 1000 $175
Bankruptcy Base Multi $145 per 1000 $175
Bankruptcy Base Multi Internet Delivery Only $145 per 1000 $175
  • $65 Minimum Order
  • Geography and File Data included
  • Internet Delivery Fee (IDF) : $25.00 Flat Fee

Premium Selects

  • Home Loan Value
  • Home Loan Date
  • Loan-to-Value
  • Chapter of Bankruptcy
  • Filing Date
  • Release Date
  • Status
  • Individual / Joint Filing
  • Children Presence
  • Dwelling Type
  • Gender
  • Phone Number

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