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Logotype designs — you see them everywhere. You may not notice them, but trust us, they’re everywhere.

Just look at package of toothpaste such as Crest, Pepsident, or AquaFresh. Or a can of StarKist tuna or a box of Reynolds Wrap. Each is an excellent example of of a product logotype.

Business logotypes can also be seen in a majority of professional service providers such as doctor’s offices, dentists, and attorney’s. They’re also commonly used for magazines and newspaper organizations.

What makes a Logotype different?

The primary difference between a logotype design and other logo designs is that a logotype is designed with type only — without any associated business marks, emblems, or custom illustrations. It may appear limiting, but there’s many advantages and benefits.

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Logotype design benefits

A few benefits of using a logotype design over other logo design options are;

  • Simplicity:
    Not that other logo design options can’t be simple, just that the primary attribute of a logotype design is clarity. There is no confusion about who or what the logotype represents.
  • Readability:
    Since a logotype design does not include additional business marks or emblems, the logotype is more often easier to read at smaller sizes and from greater distances.
  • Speed:
    For the most part, the process of designing a logotype is much faster than other highly-customized logo options allowing you to get you business to market in the least amount of time.
  • Cost Effective:
    The logotype design project process is shorter which equates to greater savings.

Perhaps a logotype design is exactly what your business, product or service needs. If so, please use the form to request a logotype design quote.

If you’re not sure, please feel free to contact us to discuss which direction would work best for your specific situation.

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