Identity Design Project Process

Here’s what you can expect from our identity design process.

1. Award Project

50% deposit is due upon project confirmation.

2. Data Collection and Analysis

We work with you to gather and organize information about your company, communications objectives, expectations and goals. A strategic work plan will then be created based on those criteria.

3. Logo Design

Design Exploration
We will create and present to you initial design directions for your review.

Design Evaluation
Based upon your direction and input, we refine your selected logo design direction.

Design Approval
30% of the total project fee is due upon approval of the design direction.

Design Execution
Your approved design is finalized into formats for use across all media. See “Project Inclusions” below.

4. Office Suite (optional items)

  • Business Card
  • Letterhead – Standard
  • Envelope – Standard #10
  • Letterhead – Monarch (Executive Style)
  • Envelope – Monarch (Executive Style)
  • Executive style “Thank You” Notes
  • Mailing Label
  • Fax Cover Sheet
  • Office Memo
  • Presentation Folder

The same development and approval process is followed as outlined in #3.

While your Office Suite is in production, we will begin the process for #5.

5. Digital Templates (if applicable)

We will follow the same development and approval process as outlined in #3 with the exception of Letterhead template that will have been previously approved.

All approved elements will be executed as final digital files.

Project Inclusions:

Logo File Formats

You will receive a full suite of logo files for use across all media. You'll have everything you need to create professional print, broadcast, or Internet marketing materials.
Print Formats (Color)
  • (1) 4-color (also know as "full color" or CMYK) EPS
  • (1) 4-color high-resolution JPG
  • (1) 4-color high-resolution PSD
  • (1) 4-color high-resolution TIF
Print Formats (Black and White)
  • (1) Black & White high-resolution EPS
  • (1) Black & White high-resolution JPG
  • (1) Greyscale high-resolution EPS
  • (1) Greyscale high-resolution JPG
  • (1) Greyscale high-resolution PSD
  • (1) Greyscale high-resolution TIF
Web Safe Color Formats
  • (1) color EPS
  • (1) color JPG
  • (1) color PNG (with transparent background)
  • (4) color GIF files (200, 300, 400, and 500 pixel widths with transparent backgrounds)

Logo Reference Chart (if applicable)

Easily locate and manage the different versions of your identity. Full color and grayscale listings of your logo with their corresponding file name in an easy to read, print, and distribute PDF format.

Identity Style Guide (optional)

An Identity Style Guide addresses the application of a “logo system.” This is a critical tool for businesses using their logo on a wide variety of sales and marketing materials, including brochures, Websites, and point-of-purchase pieces.

The Style Guide visually displays all full color and grayscale logo formats, corresponding file names, color schemes, and recommended usage. Additionally, it provides compositions and layouts of Office Suite elements and essential printing information.

The guide is delivered in PDF format, allowing you to print the guide for distribution within your organization or to electronically send to vendors
and designers.

Intellectual Property Rights

Upon payment in full of all fees, all right, title and interest in and to the Work Product will immediately convey to the Client.

Because each project has it own unique requirements, the actual process and payment schedule can differ on a case-by-case basis.

Let’s get started!