Convert and redraw low-resolution JPG, PNG, and GIF logo’s into high-quality vector format.

We are experts at converting, redrawing, and reconstructing low-res logo files (generally jpegs) and graphics into high-resolution, infinitely scaleable, vector EPS format.

Ferron Iron Works Logo Conversion

Fast & affordable vector format conversion.

Logo Conversion Pricing (convert, redraw, or reconstruct) starts at $79 but varies based on the complexity of the work to be completed. Send us a file now for a free estimate.
Quick turnaround. Very easy process.
Christopher David

Mockingbird Precision

Logo conversion (also known as converting JPG to vector) is the process of recreating, reconstructing, or redrawing a low-resolution logo (such as a JPG, GIF, or PNG file) into a scaleable, print-ready, high-resolution vector file format (also known as EPS).

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses today is catching up with technology. Specifically, the process of converting low-resolution business logos and graphics into high-resolution, digital vector formats that can be readily shared with employees, vendors, clients, and business partners.

As such, we commonly hear stories about businesses who paid a “logo designer” to create a business logo only to realize the logo they received was a low-resolution .JPG or .GIF file that couldn’t be used for professionally printed marketing materials. Yikes! You can read more about why your logo needs to be in vector format.

Convert Raster Logo (JPG) to Vector (EPS/AI)

Converting low-resolution logos (and other artwork) into high-resolution print production files is known by a variety of terms; convert to vector, vectorize logo, convert JPG to vector, rastor to vector, reconstruct logo, and many more. But they all mean the same thing — creating, redrawing, or repairing your artwork into a format you can use (and look fantastic) on the web or in high-quality printed marketing materials.

Here’s why your logo needs to be in vector format.

Professional Quality Logo Conversions

Our illustrators and vector software experts will convert your existing business logo into production quality art that can be used over and over again.

Convert Low-res JPG to Vector EPS

Here are just a few samples of low-resolution logos we’ve recreated into high-resolution vector art. You can also visit our portfolio of logo conversion samples.

Oakdale Pizza Logo Conversion
LL Johnson Distributing Logo Conversion
We needed some existing logos professionally redrawn and are very pleased with results from Kristof Creative. The communications were excellent and production time much faster than expected.
Wendy DeLarber

L.L. Johnson Distributing

Seamless Process

One of the goals of Kristof Creative is to help make that dreaded knot in your stomach go away by making the logo recreation process as seamless as possible.

Just provide us with your existing logo; a low-resolution file, printed business card, or whatever you happen to have on hand, and we will convert your low-res logo to production-ready vector format with gorgeous clarity.

Our team of professional logo designers and illustrators are really fast and will provide you with a professionally recreated suite of logos in no time.

Fast Conversion

Need to redraw logo for printing or have your graphic digitally converted in a hurry? No problem. Our standard turn-around time is 2-3 business days depending on the complexity. And if you need it faster, we offer a 24-hour RUSH services for an additional fee.

We were looking for someone to convert our logo to a high quality product. Kristof Creative provided us with a very competitive price. The final products were delivered to us quickly and they looked great! The whole process was effortless end-to-end!.”
Freddy Ulloa

Web Administrator, Florida Association of Physical Plant Administrators

Logo conversion services

  • Convert logo to transparent png
  • Convert logo to vector Illustrator
  • Convert logo to black and white
  • Convert logo to favicon
  • Convert GIF to vector EPS
  • Redraw JPG (or jpeg) files to vector EPS
  • Vectorize business logo
  • Raster vector conversion
  • Convert low-resolution logos into high-resolution PSD (Photoshop)
  • Redraw or completely recreate low-res logos into vector EPS
We can even use your existing printed letterhead to recreate and redraw your logo!