Essential information about the different types of media used in outdoor advertising as well as outdoor billboard sizes.

This is for reference only. As demographics and technology changes, the types of outdoor advertising media being used will also change.

Airport Advertising

Airport advertising offers an innovative and flexible range of media opportunities, ranging from long-term and short-term indoor and outdoor advertising panels. Advertising availabilities include dramatic back-lit signage along each of the airport’s concourses and exciting other products to choose from.

Airport Advertising Statistics

  • That there are 3.2 greeters, and well wishers for each traveler arriving or departing at the airport
  • Your advertising works to a captive audience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year
  • Airport advertising is the lowest cost per impression available
  • Each ad has a long exposure time assuring your message is seen
  • We reach the decision makers and executives, who are frequent travelers
  • A targeted market to the most affluent segment of the population
  • Most affordable effective way to advertise in these modern times
  • Adaptable to any business or product

Airport Travelers Demographics

Source: Roper Starch, Worldwide Sep. 1999

  • 73% of all passengers are upscale business travelers
  • 60% are male, 40% are female
  • 59% are between the ages of 35 and 54
  • 68% with HHI (Household Income) over $104,000
  • 78% are college graduates
  • 76% hold either professional or managerial positions
  • 72% own a home
  • 91% use travel agents
  • 84% have access to the Internet from inside their office
  • 91% have a home computer
  • 89% have Internet access from their home computer
  • 100% have 1 to 4 credit cards at their disposal
  • 65% have made a major online purchase in the past six months
  • 64% have a cell phone
  • 55% have a laptop computer
  • 40% use the Internet for travel planning

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