Factors In CD Duplication

CD Duplication: the process of writing data to a recordable CD can be a complex process. It demands a lot from both hardware and software programs. Much of this complexity is hidden from…

CDR Essentials

CDR Essentials. Whatever you have stored as a file on any other storage medium can also be stored as a file on a CD-ROM

CD Storage Options

There are many different storage alternatives for your CD collection. The factors for storage include how many CDs you own and how long you plan to keep them.

CD Ripper Software

You can get a variety of ripper software programs online by searching the internet. Most software is user friendly and offers you a variety of options. You should however…

Benefits of Using a CD Mastering Engineer

If a recording artist or inspiring musician has any hopes of having their songs played on the radio, they’ll need to have their rough mix mastered very well. The best way to do this, is to hire a CD mastering engineer.