Article Marketing and Syndication

Article marketing. Reap the benefits from the best creative writers creating focused, traffic generating articles for Website syndication.

Benefits of Article Syndication

Higher Rankings

Strategically syndicated articles with focused anchor text keywords, published on various web sites across the Internet will increase incoming links to your Web site, which results in higher Search Engine rankings.

Low Links Competition

The number of out-going links to other Web sites from syndicated articles generally have fewer links as compared to a typical Web site page where there can be as many as 100 outgoing links. This give your website exclusive incoming link value.

Multiple Links

A syndicated article can contain several text links, each with a unique anchor text, all pointing to different sections of your website. This gives your business website a clear competitive advantage of targeting multiple anchor text/keywords and incoming links from the same page.

Longer Life Span

Articles are generally not removed from a web site because the content gives the website additional content – thus giving the links to your site a longer life span. Even after many months or years, the article can live on in the ‘archives’ section of a website. This gives your website long-term benefits of the embedded links.

Direct Traffic

Syndicated articles are a great source of Direct Traffic to your website. Articles syndicated on numerous websites allow them to get ranked for several important keywords — each pulling direct search engine traffic. Visitors from the articles click through to your website, generating targeted and focused traffic to your website.

Increased Visibility

Articles published on other websites (also known as “content syndication”) opens up several opportunities for visitors to learn about your business. Well-written advisory and how-to articles (which are successfully published on a number of different websites) help establish your site as a leading source of information. It improves visibility and potential entry points to your website and also improves your site’s recall value.

Brand Value

Professionally written articles published on well known websites help establish your business as an authority on your specified field — and improves your brand reputation.