Wallet and Pocket Brochure Design

Don’t be fooled by their small size. Wallet brochures are an incredibly effective sales tool.

Here are three of the most common Standard Wallet Brochure Size Formats.

Standard Wallet Brochure Size Formats

Convenient Sales Tool

Wallet brochures (also known as pocket brochures) are the latest trend in marketing materials and an incredibly effective sales tool.

Not only can they make a great business card, their convenient size makes them easy to store, hand-out and, even more importantly, customers find them easy to keep.

In fact, they’re twice as likely to keep a wallet brochure as they are to keep their larger counterparts.

Size Matters

Standard size for a finished wallet brochure is 3.5″ x 2″ — which makes them the perfect size for your customers to drop into a shirt pocket or even their wallet. Just try that with a standard size brochure.

Experienced Designers

When you’re ready to add one of these powerful marketing tools to your arsenal, contact usl. We have the design experience and marketing knowledge to create a wallet brochure to meet you exact needs.

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