Legal Presentation Graphics

Litigation involves more than knowledge of the law, it’s an art form involving presentation and persuasion.

In many cases, (no pun intended) it’s presentation effectiveness that can swing a jury in your favor.

When Words Alone Are Not Enough

If you want every intrinsic element of your case to be understood, litigation graphics is the way to get your message across. Graphical representations of your case and exhibits ensure greater impact and longer lasting impression long after your through speaking.

We’re Here To Help You Win

It is our intention, when you walk into the courtroom, you will have the full support of Kristof Creative. We will ensure you have everything you need to make the most persuasive presentation possible.

We can design and prepare several types of trial exhibits for you including;

Demonstrative Exhibit Design and Creation

  • Bar Graphs, Line Graphs, 3-D Graphs
  • Charts
  • Document Enhancements
  • Document Enlargements
  • Document Reproductions
  • Maps and Diagrams
  • Overhead Transparencies
  • Time-lines and Chronologies
    Exhibits and graphics can be mounted on foam core with annotations

Multimedia Presentation Design

  • Color Screen Grabs from Videotape
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • PDF Presentations

We are committed to meeting your needs in a professional manner and at an affordable price.

Please call (615) 656-5516 to speak with a representative for a customized quote. Thank you.