Restaurant Menu Design

Improve your food and beverage sales with an effective restaurant menu design from Kristof Creative.

Solid strategic thinking and proven menu engineering go into every menu design we create so your restaurant can make more money.

A professional menu redesign can improve sales an average of 2 to 10 percent.
And descriptive menu labels can increase sales by as much as 27 percent. source

It’s time to rethink your menu design, increase profits, complement your eatery, and provide the image needed to compete in a down market.

We can help your restaurant increase sales in a challenging economic environment.

"Great customer service. A fun, relaxing demeanor allows me as the customer to enjoy the creative process."
Sean Kirby

Menu Engineering:
The Driving Force Behind Increased Profits

Restaurant menu design involves more than just starting with appetizers and ending with desserts. There’s a strategy, commonly referred to as “menu engineering” — a comprehensive understanding of category placement, arrangement of food items within these categories and the overall design of the menu.

This is a quantified technique that can make your restaurant more money.

Do you know where to place your most profitable menu items in order to increase sales?

And our understanding of where to place your most profitable menu items (also know as high-buy areas) can dramatically increase your sales.

A Quality Menu Design Sets The Mood

A clean and well-organized menu design from Kristof Creative can improve your restaurants image by helping customers feel good about your establishment and how they feel about being there.

Every restaurant is different; the food, the location, the atmosphere, the staff, and the interior and exterior design, down to the tablecloth and utensils.

We take these elements into consideration when designing your menu. So when a customer opens the menu, it will feel like your restaurant and set the mood for a great meal.

Improve Restaurant Brand Recognition

Your menu and menu cover graphically communicate the brand identity of your restaurant. Its appearance sends subtle signals that can affect how customers perceive your operation. Skimp on the design and you’ll be reducing your brand value.

Increase Return Visits

Your restaurant menu will be professionally designed so it’s interesting and easy-to-use — compelling your customers to purchase higher profit items. It with a more enjoyable dining experience your customers will feel good about returning to your business.

Restaurant Menu & Menu Cover Design Services

  • Menu cover design
  • Menu design and layout
  • Restaurant menu templates
  • Menu content development
  • Catering menu design
  • To-go menus design
  • Matchbook Design
  • Custom Designed Restaurant and Food Graphics

Fast, reliable, and professional menu designers will create the highest quality menu for your business. All supported with the exceptional personal service. And a no-obligation estimate is only a click away. Bon appetite!

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