Photo Restoration

Professionally restored, retouched, and colorized photos.

Have an old photograph or photo album handed down from your parents or grandparents that have seen better days and need brought back to life?

Our digital photo imaging and restoration experts have extensive experience in scanning, color correcting, and manipulating images from a variety of photo media formats including original printed photographs, 35mm slides, and 4×5 transparencies.

Photo’s damaged due to; fading, changes in color, rips, ink marks, water stains, warping, cracking and more can be restored — bringing your precious memories back to life and digitally archiving them for future generations.

Even you’re just looking to restore an old photo or fix-up a photo as a personal gift or holiday present, we can help.

Samples of photo’s we’ve restored

Photo restoring services

  • Restoring photographs faded or damaged with age
  • Restoring photographs damaged due to weather, climate or water damage
  • Color correcting and enhancing photos taken under poor lighting conditions
  • Restoring family portraits

Restoring photos is a time-intensive process. As such, services start at $75 per hour and include delivery of the final photo’s in high-resolution digital format suitable for quality printing.

Give new life to your priceless memories, contact us today for an estimate.

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