Photo Editing and Retouching

Professional image manipulation and retouching photography services

With the advent of computers and advanced digital software, photo editing, retouching, and manipulation is not only popular, but an art form.

The digital photo retoucher working on your images has traditional photography skills (manual SLR and developing) as well as experience and expertise in lighting, printing, retouching, color theory, and perspective.

If it sounds complex, it’s because it is. Whether your project is small or large, simple, or complex, you want to make sure the work being done is in capable hands.

Our photo editing, image manipulation, and retouching photography services run from simple items — such as removing wrinkles — to more complex techniques like extracting or rearranging individual components of an image to create a more visually appealing photo.

And our extensive experience in traditional photography methods as well as extensive training in digital technologies, color correction, and photo restoration ensure your images will be completed as requested.

Photo editing sample

The following sample was a project in which the client wanted their friend (a huge Rascal Flats fan) edited in to the original ACM Awards photo.

01. Original Provided Photo

01. Original Provided Photo

Based on the original photo, a photo shoot was scheduled to takes photos of the person — strategically positioned to make the final photo more realistic.

02. Raw photo of person to be added

02. Raw photo of person to be added

The image from the photography session (shot by Billy Kingsley Photography) was then digitally added to the original photo.

03. Final composited photo

03. Final composited photo

Photo retouching and editing;

  • Portrait effects
  • Vignettes
  • Removing wrinkles in skin
  • Softening skin tone (Model effects)
  • Replacing backgrounds
  • Merging/combining multiple photos into one image
  • Collages and Photo Montages
  • Restoring photographs faded or damaged with age
  • Restoring photographs damaged due to weather, climate or water damage
  • And other special effects

Photo retouching services start at $75 per hour and include manipulating the image per your specifications and delivery of the final photo in digital format.

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