Website Consulting

Your website is your Internet storefront. Our job is to help make it a profitable work-horse for your business.

Website Design

If your Website isn’t up and running yet, our consultation services will point you in the right direction. Tell us about your product or service, current marketing, sales goals, and how you see them promoted through the Internet.

We’ll ascertain your Website needs and exchange ideas on how we perceive its look, function, and marketing. We’ll also provide you with an accurate estimate on the cost and timing to create your Website.

After the initial consultation, we ask that you deliver all materials needed to build the Website. Additional materials requested during the consultation should also be included. We will review the information, address any questions we have and provide you with a detailed estimate for work to be completed.

Website Reviews

If you have an existing Website that isn’t performing like you think it should, we’ll be happy to review it and make general recommendations for improvement. In some cases, a complete website redesign isn’t needed. Instead, it may only need some updates or minor usability changes.

Content Management Systems

Web technology has advanced to the point where CMS platforms give you control of updating your own website. And of the platforms currently available, we only work with, and recommend, WordPress. Once WordPress is installed and a theme designed or purchased, you have the power and luxury of updating content whenever you want. Plus, with the amazing amount of website features that can be added via plugins, there’s almost nothing your website won’t be able to do.

Achieve A Better ROI

In addition to consulting on website design, we’ll work with you to increase sales through other mediums such as; print advertising, outdoor boards, radio ads, TV commercials, business brochures, search marketing (SEO), and social media. It may sound a bit overwhelming but, rest assured, we’re experienced at creating easy-to-understand marketing strategies that help decrease how much you spend on marketing and advertising.

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