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Providing exceptional advertising consulting services for small and large businesses.

When you need only the best advertising consultants you can count on Kristof Creative to bring your company to the forefront.

As experienced advertising consultants we’re ready to help you with your advertising questions; Should your business use;

  • Newspaper ads or magazine ads?
  • Small space or large?
  • Outdoor billboards or posters?
  • Subway or bus shelters?
  • Radio commercials or Television commercials?
  • Grand opening events or special promotional give-a ways?
  • Skywriting or press releases?
  • Sponsor the local little league team or the Boy Scout Pancake Breakfast?

And how does Social Media sites such as Twitter fit into the equation?

A lot of questions to consider. And Kristof Creative will give you straight and easy to understand answers.

You see, there isn’t a single correct answer when it comes to deciding how, where or what format to advertise your business. Because, like snowflakes, no two businesses are alike.

That’s why businesses just like yours rely on the experienced advertising consultants from Kristof Creative.

We’ve spent years in marketing and advertising trenches learning the nuances of print, outdoor and social media advertising — the best ways of using it and some interesting and effective methods for saving you money.

Our theory is simple: If we can help your business grow with our work, then your work will help us grow our business.

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