Naming Creation Project Process

Our goal is to make you comfortable working with us, even if you’ve never used professional creative services before. And, of course, your 100% satisfaction. To meet those goals we like to explain what you can expect from us, right up front.

Naming Project Process

Data Collection and Analysis

During this phase we work with you to gather and organize information about your prospective product and/or business including:

  • Your communication objectives
  • Target audience
  • Key consumer benefits
  • Perceptual challenges
  • Identity positioning
  • Competition

A creative strategy will be created based on the above criteria.

Creative Exploration and Development

This is the phase where we put our noses to the grindstone to develop a series of potential name.

After the initial list has been created, we check the names against the strategic work plan and review them for marketing potential. Based on that criteria, any names that are diluted, inappropriate or which conjure up an undesirable association are then eliminated.

The “first cut” of 5-7 recommended names will be presented for your review.

Name Refinement

If a name is not selected from the original first cut, based upon your direction and input, we will make refinements to this list until we have created a “Short List” of 3-5 memorable names that convey distinctiveness, personality and value.

Name Availability Checks

During this phase name recommendations will be screened for availability (trademark & .com available).

Final Selection

We will present and review with you a recommended list of names and arrive at a final selection.

Domain Name Registration

The URL (*) for your final approved name will be **registered with an Internet Domain Name Registrar.

  • Domain extension dependent on availability.
  • One year registration included

Logo/Identity Development/Signage (if applicable)

To help bring your new product/business name to life, we will work with you in developing a distinctive Identity.

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