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Advertising Taglines: A tagline is a highly-focused and brief phrase that clearly explains and defines the benefit of a product or service to the consumer in a meaningful and memorable way.

A great tagline will have a personality all its own and connect with the consumer at an emotional level, which is what makes it stick.

An ad campaign’s tagline can be one of the most the powerful means of affecting consumer spending, resulting in the rise of retail stock.
Briskman Stanfield

The difference between a tagline and a company slogan is that slogans can change from campaign to campaign, while a great tagline is created to last, and in some cases become part of our everyday life and cultural history.

At Kristof Creative, “Quality is Job 1,” so “We try harder” everyday to “Think Different,” and create customized taglines and slogans that are “M’m M’m Good.” Strap lines that have that essential “Snap! Crackle! Pop!” so your business or product can “Reach out and touch someone.”

So “Let your fingers do the walking” and check out some of the company slogans and advertising taglines we’ve created for other clients. We think you’ll agree that “We bring good things to life.

Tagline Creation Process

1. Creative Strategy Questionnaire

  • A laser-focused creative strategy outlining your key benefits, communication goals, target audience, and perceptual challenges. We will also gather information about your competitors, market place and possible pre-existing ad taglines already in use.

2. Tagline Development

  • Initial series of 7 competitive taglines available for review within 10 business days!
    (RUSH timing also available!)
  • Up to two (2) refinements until we have created a memorable tagline that conveys distinctiveness, personality and value.

3. Tagline Design

  • Your selected tagline designed to work as a cohesive unit with your pre-existing logo.

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