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Deciding what to name your new business, product, or invention is the most important decision you will make.

Truly Remarkable Business and Product Naming Services.

There are many factors to consider when naming a product; the product itself (even if it’s your business, it’s still considered a product); what it looks like; how it’s used; its intrinsic benefits.

Let’s also not forget the consumer who will be using it, their mindset and beliefs, the marketplace they’re shopping in, the competition they’re measuring you against, and sales point at which they consider buying.

There’s more… much more. And they work together like an intricate strand of DNA to determine the name of your new product.

Whether you need your product to reach into the homes of every consumer on the planet or for a competitive edge over your competition — we can make it work.

Product naming can be a huge factor in determining success or failure in the marketplace. Only five percent of new products actually make it to the shelves, and 95 percent of the reason new products fail is an inability to communicate their benefits.

Let’s say you’ve just created the world’s greatest widget, or a business that’s going to change our lives forever. So, what are you going to call it? “WidgetMaster”, “The Widgeteer”, “Widge-O-Matic”, or maybe even “Widge-A-Mazing”?

Okay, we’re just having a little fun, but we’re making a serious point — the name of your new product, business or invention is extremely important.

It’s more than just a name — it’s who you are. And how you present yourself is critical.

We provide businesses with effective, successful business naming and product naming services.

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