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Collaboration Will Change The World

If you’ve been reading Kristof Creative, you’ll notice that “collaboration” isn’t just one of the three core fundamental principals by which we work, it’s also one of the most powerful ideas that can create change.

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How To Copyright Your Website In Six Easy Steps

How you represent yourself or your business online is the distinguishing difference (or Unique Selling Point) between you and your competitors–and therefore, one of the biggest assets you need to protect. Follow me as I walked you through the six easy steps to obtaining a website copyright.

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How To Discover Niche Keywords

One of the easiest and simplest, and yet overlooked, ways to learn and discover niche keywords is by listening to your existing clients. They will give you gold without even knowing it.

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How to Know If A Print Ad is Good – The X-Factor

The X-Factor. The single-most confounding element in choosing an art director, graphic designer, website developer, or creative professional to work on your projects. The internal struggle, born of your own darkest doubts: How do you really know if they’re “good”?

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